A more inspiring toolkit. Go further and boost performance.

Two award-winning toolkits from GoodPractice and Mind Tools have come together under one globally recognized product brand – Mind Tools. We’re proud to serve and support over 290 corporate clients, and their 1.6 million learners, across 20 industry sectors in 50 countries worldwide.

Our toolkits offer best in class, on-demand, evidence-based learning, improving individual and organizational performance. These multimedia resources are all designed with learners in mind. Helping your people gain essential management, leadership and personal effectiveness skills. And build happy, successful careers.

Mind Tools
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Extensive and engaging

Thousands of videos, animations, top tips, interactive self-assessments and how-to guides

Always on

Round-the-clock and on-demand access for any device with a single click

In-the-moment insights

Intuitive and insightful analytics to empower you to respond to user needs

Customizable and multi-lingual

Add your own content, apply your brand and auto-translate articles at a click

Build your skills and career with Mind Tools

Too busy for self-development? Think again. 

Mind Tools offers self-directed learning that fits around your day. You choose what you learn, when and how. At your desk or on the go, it’s your call. Watch the video to see how.

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By your side

Our experienced client services team will guide you from set-up to support.

Launch Mind Tools

Our tech team talks to yours for a smoother set-up experience

Promote the resources

We’ll give you plenty of ideas and support to put your toolkit front of mind, and keep it there

Drive user engagement

We’ll help you maximize use and return on your investment with user-friendly data and targeted campaigns

Go on, have a sneak peek

Let us show you what Mind Tools can do for your people and organization.

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Tried, tested and awarded

Dive into dozens of case studies where organizations like yours experience real impact from our award-winning online resources

Trusted to the max

From coping with change, to leadership, or having difficult conversations, develop your people with resources that are varied, extensive and evidence-led

In the mix

Your learners will find articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, quizzes, insights, expert views, interviews and more

Relevant and current

With toolkit content that’s regularly updated and refreshed, keep your users engaged and in the know

Support learning conversations

With real-time analytics managers can access their teams' stats, including login frequency and total time spent learning

Easily accessible 

Users have a simple Single Sign-On with just one click, on any device, at any time

On your side

We can work with you to get the most from your toolkit, as part of a successful learning culture

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What our clients have to say...

The toolkit has helped us move from a training culture to a proactive learning culture. Our staff get the learning they need from a five-minute video or article accessed on their phone, rather than traveling to a full-day training course.

The toolkit content is a real smorgasbord of learning activities, which keeps the learner in a positive state of curiosity and eager to explore more.

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We can give you a comprehensive overview of the platform, how it works and all the benefits it can bring to your people. We are happy to schedule an online meeting or in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

View the most commonly asked questions about Mind Tools.

The Mind Tools toolkit is an online resource bank of just-in-time resources designed to help your people develop their workplace skills, take control of their personal development and boost performance, any time that suits you.

With a wealth of topics to choose from in the toolkit, you’ll find resources to help you manage and cope with change, motivate others, develop your communication skills and understand more about how to be a good leader or manager.

Our content has been developed and curated in-house by our talented team of editors and learning professionals to ensure practical and highly engaging resources for your team. It’s updated regularly, with at least one brand new resource added each week.

The toolkit features Single Sign-On for ease of use and it can be accessed on demand by your organization’s staff 24/7, across all devices.

That depends on how complicated you want your toolkit to be! A simple set-up can take as little as two weeks, while more complex set-ups can take around two to three months to get everything in place and ready to launch.

Yes! Our super-smart tech team are on hand to help set up integration via Single Sign-On with most LMS providers – we'll work on that with you as a standard part of the implementation process.

Yes, the toolkit can be branded with your organization’s logo and colors, and refreshed with ease. And there are various other customizable features too – your client success manager will explore these with you during the toolkit set-up process.

Yes – if you have content, we can upload it! And there’s also the functionality for you to upload your own video, audio and binary files too.

A toolkit license is based on the number of users in your organization. If you’d like to find out how much it would cost for your organization, simply get in touch with us and we’ll discuss that with you.

Our simple reporting tool gives you direct access at any time to your team's user analytics, including login frequency and total time spent learning. These intuitive and insightful analytics will empower you to respond to user needs.

We can tailor your toolkit to suit your learning intentions, but we recommend keeping it simple to begin with. Your client success manager will work with you regarding what you want to achieve, and make sure that your toolkit fully supports your business goals.